Website Design –

This is a very simple PHP + CSS website that was requested to show-off and sell these wheel-inspired billet yo-yo’s. The project included custom logo design, a custom photo gallery with Lightbox script, custom product photography, an integrated PayPal Shopping cart, a contact form and even a completely original promotional video. This is a great example of a very basic e-commerce website that is both simple and affordable.

Album Cover Design – CAMBL (December Cold)

It was April, and time for another CAMBL album cover design project. Bobby usually has a good idea of what he wants, but for this album, all he had decided on was that he wanted to feature a particular jacket of his, which tied into the projects title and theme – December Cold. After settling on a concept that included an angled shot of the jacket, as if it were on display in a retail store, we set up a photoshoot, and captured many potential images. During this shoot, i happened to show bobby some of my old drawing sketchbooks, and he instantly expressed interest in a particular line art drawing style that i had done many years ago. Building off of the photos from the photoshoot, i was able to quickly draw, ink and scan in a line-art drawing of the jacket, and after a few PS tricks, this original album cover design was complete.

CAMBL - December Cold Album Cover

CAMBL - December Cold Backside

Website Design –

I designed this e-commerce site for CycleryXpress, a local bike shop that sells fixed-gear bikes and other street bike related accessories. Using the ZenCart system, I was able to create a simple and elegant online shopping cart that features many of the bikes and items that are available at the store. The ZenCart system integrates nicely with PayPal, and accurate shipping quotes can be generated for UPS, Fed-Ex and USPS delivery, worldwide.

The typical drawback for using open source e-commerce solutions, such as ZenCart, is that you have to know somebody who can customize your code, to give you a very unique and functional online shopping cart. Fortunately, I have the prerequisite skills, so this is not an issue.

If you need a reliable and yet affordable e-commerce solution, please contact me for a free design consultation.

Print Design – Power & Respect’s MIC CHECK

Selma Cali Emcee, ICEMAN handles his business properly, and is a prime example of an awesome client that i always enjoy working with. He submits his information for a requested flier well in advance of the actual event date, knows exactly what he wants, and even includes the necessary image files in his initial e-mail. In return, he gets a faster turnaround time, and a better price for making my task less stressful. Thanks ICEMAN!

Power & Respect presents: MIC CHECK 8 Man Freestyle Battle on December 1st, 2011

Logo Design – 1 Way Mechanical

This logo was developed for an online logo design contest at, and was one of the winning designs chosen by the the contest holder. He was able to tell me exactly what elements he wanted to see in his logo, and after a few revisions, I had generated a strong design for his home maintenance and repair business.

1 Way Mechanical Logo Design