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  • T-shirt Design – Allie Maddison Co.

    T-shirt Design – Allie Maddison Co.

    Here is a little number designed for the homie Bobby Campbell of Allie Maddison Co. He wanted something flashy, and i thought he said fleshy, and we all laughed. This design is probably NSFW, unless you have a really cool job.

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  • T-shirt Design – Brewbakers’ Ale-ians!

    T-shirt Design – Brewbakers’ Ale-ians!

    Nick Miller of Miller Brothers Screen-printing asked me to develop a concept for Visalia’s own Brewbaker’s Bar and Restaurant. The owners knew that they wanted to see Aliens, and suggested the tagline: ‘The Ale-ians are coming’. I sketched a couple preliminary layouts, and scanned them...

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  • T-Shirt Design – Ask Your Doctor

    T-Shirt Design – Ask Your Doctor

    The “Ask Your Doctor if medical advice from a television commercial is right for you” T-shirt design was a fun elaboration on the popular bumper sticker design of mine, available here.

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  • T-shirt Design – Coexist

    T-shirt Design – Coexist

    This design was sold to a local Visalia business that is behind the rather infamous Coexist Bumper Sticker. The Coexist T-shirt was a best seller of theirs, and my design gives them a variation on that design.

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  • T-shirt Design – Ellafest 2010

    T-shirt Design – Ellafest 2010

    Another job for Miller Brothers Screenprinting of Visalia (they do nice shirts!). The client wanted t-shirts for a special type of diaper party, where the menfolk would be allowed to roam around the Exeter Brewfest and get drunk while wearing spiffy shirts. They specifically requested...

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  • T-shirt Design – Redwood Wood Shop

    T-shirt Design – Redwood Wood Shop

    This was a design that was done at the request of Miller Brothers Screen Printing in Visalia. They do great work, and i’m eager to work with them more frequently.

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